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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  March 29, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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of clouds, 40s to 50s. a mild air mass, everybody was 53 degrees and the system is stacking up to the north before it can dig south so it is fine unless you are in crescent city. partly cloudy, mild to warm, there are humidity factors as well. partly sunny skies and warm, 60s to near 70s degrees, here is sal. around the bay area, we are off to a nice start, around highway 4, getting off to a nice start, it has been a nice drive here, westbound 80 traffic looks good, let's go back to the desk. pro testifieders shut down
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oakland's school board meeting and they demand the district keep elementary schools open. tara moriarty has more on some arrests you will see only on 2. yes some protesters arrested here last night. they said they would stay until the end and they did and they led them out in plastic handcuffs. now protesters with the group demand they chosen elementary schools by june. they had teamed up with parents and all demonstrators say the school board was going to vote on the plan to return over the elementary to a private charter stool. they believe they should remain
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open public school. >> it is closing. >> and how do you feel about that? >> bad. >> now because of last night's interruptions, they say it will reconvene this afternoon and as far as those who were arrested, if convicted they could face a $500 fine. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. some college protesters plan to meet but they fear it couldp increase by rich%. they endorsed governor browns' tax initiative and they could face another 200 million in cuts if that does not pass. it was another violent
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night on these shootings, christian joins us with more. >> reporter: three shootings at least one victim has died because of his injuries and we are at the scene of the latest one. let's go ahead and walk you through what happened here. we are at the inner terrible section and this victim was shot, staggered to the street and made it as far as this apartment building and then collapsed. that victim did eventually die from his injuries he is a father of four. there was an arcment and they
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told plea -- argument and they tell me so far nobody is telling them much about this victim was able to get out of his car and walk to get help. he is in stable condition. and in a third incident, the victim in that case wound up with a bullet to his skull, no word coming in on that one, the oakland police just hosed down the streets and at some point there is no indication any of these three shootings are related to each other, but they are all being under investigation. it ended in gunfire in richmond, one suspect is in the hospital this morning, two others are in jail. now the shooting happened
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yesterday afternoon in the parking lot near hilltop mall. the troubled agents -- there were three suspects who posed a threat to our agents. shots were fired and the suspects were shot. >> the suspects had been airlifted to the hospital. they are expected to survive. people took photo acts of them taking photos of the two suspects being arrested, in word if there were any shots filed. >> they were in the courtroom when ben luck made his first appearance in the courthouse.
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he is accused of killing five family members inside a home near city college. a conviction could make him eligible for the death penalty. >> however a spokesperson for the district attorney says it is unlikely he will pursue the death penalty. he recently stated he hates capital punishment. it is now a few weeks since sierra lemar has vanished. they are not completely ruling out she initially ran away on her own free will. she will continue canvassing the area. with them are specially trained dogs that can detect human
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remains in the water. >> we are just trying to check the waterways and bases down here >> she was likely abducted by somebody familiar with the morgan hill area. a donation box is also being circulated at the schools for sierra lemar's safe return. the wife of sheriff ross mirkarimi is returning and a close friend is not so sure. eliana lopez has found it very comfortable being with friends. she gave up a career to be with her husband in san francisco. rick santorum will be in
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the bay area and he is scheduled to give what they are calling a major jelly belly speech. that may seem like an on location but it is a major support for causes. later in the evening rick santorum is attending another fundraiser in alamo. mitt romney is picking up more high profile endorsements. bush will endorse mitt romney as they presidential nominee. he will meet for a photo option and mitt romney has met last night. he is being mentioned as possible candidate. and he is ending tax breaks
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for oil companies. the president was scheduled a speech. he will call on them to for tax penalty tis to repeal oil tax subsidies. time now 4:38 a bomb scare turned out to be a false alarm. emergency crews were called out just after 8:00 last night when a suspicious bomb. let's go to sal to check in on traffic, how is the commute, it is early, sal? >> not too bad, pam, as a matter of fact we are doing
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well on most bay area commutes and that commute looks good getting to the bay bridge toll plaza westbound there are no problems and no problems on the bridge and the wind is not as big a factor as it has been earlier with the storms. this is northbound getting to highway 17 and that's a nice commute on the way up to 17. 430, here is steve. a lot of cloud cover up to the north, mortgagely sunny and it will be muggy.
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it will not be in the nor bay, so today most locations are warming up a bit and this is a warm moisture caring extreme patterns and for us we have to was the about 48, low 50s oakland, san jose, and at least in the north bay 44, 50 in napa and san rafael. it will bring more cloud cover to the north and around 70s in san jose, out towards antioch 68 san rafael, hayward 75, 70s in morgan hill and gilroy, 60s on the coast and san mateo 65. cloudy to the north, rain will develop friday clearing out on
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sunday. it does look like we are likely to see clouds on tuesday, pam? more on the night trayvon martin was killed. lawyers say it may help proof their case against the neighborhood watch captain who shot him. . there is a group of people particularly upset over it. you will see traffic moving well heading into the south bay.
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. san francisco police are trying to figure out a role muni played, officers found an injured woman yesterday evening. muni says a bus driver may have hit her without her ever realizing it. the victim was rushed to the hospital and is said to have life-threatening injuries and he accidentally fired off a gun inside a classroom and is now facing four near felony weapons charges. nobody was hurt but it did come close to one student's leg. the boy remained in the
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classroom and police later detained him outside of the campus but they did not recover a gun. we now have surveillance of george zimmerman from the night he shot and killed trayvon martin. now here you can see a handcuffed george zimmerman getting out of a police car and being taken into the station in sanford florida. now a lawyer says you can see no obvious signs of george zimmerman including blood. george zimmerman said he shot trayvon martin after he broke his nose and slammed his head into the ground. >> well the shooting death of trayvon martin has been the center of many protests and rallies across the country. last night cecil addressed the
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event. >> let us not lose any more of our young people. they are hours, you belong to us and we belong to you. >> now people at the service say, every time there is a shooting they worry it is their son or daughter who is hurt. trayvon martin has reopened racism and they say it is something they need to address. they released this sketch of the assailant. the man forced his way into the woman's home after she answered the door bell. the attacker is middle eastern in his 40s, heavy build, black hair and brown eyes. accused seer why will killer joseph naso has been
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representing himself on charges of killing four women between 1987 and 1994. he will have somebody servings as advice torii council. now police pepper sprayed occupied protesters last november. two names are already known. two thieves and lieutenant john pike and other officers asked to have their name be kept sealed. the justice has heard six arguments over the past three days. demonstrators from the healthcare debate demonstrated outside the high court. legal analysts seem divided
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over the government's powers. >> they are supposed to be of limited powers and the question is how far can those limited power allly stretch. there is a question of whether the government can require people to get healthcare or pay a fine. they considered whether all 50 provisions would have to be scrapped if the individual mandate was ruled uncons executionnal. they are raising concerns about a new hospital in san francisco. under an agreement, california pacific would build a new hospital at the site on van nuys. they would represent the missing and contribute to other
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public services. the city council will have to consider that agreement. more than $2,100 worth of fish and crab was taken from morning star fisheries over the weekend and the task now is to catch the person responsible now because seafood is sold quickly. >> it is really not that hard and take it and sell it, especially if you are offer it for a small item. >> investigators are have asking restaurant owners to notify them if somebody is selling them fish at below market prices. they are getting coffee to
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give these things their red color instead they are using ground up red beatles but vegetarians cannot enjoy them anymore. they are also used in cereals. it will let customers order meals without having to talk on the phone. it will open a living -- living deal. meal charges will be on file with sitting social. your ipad could get you in trouble. the hot new accessories that could have you breaking three separate laws. and they are expected to make parking easier in a popular east bay shopping area.
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. welcome back, more than 58 million i-pads are being sold and plenty of accessories are being used as well. if you use the windshield you can be breaking the law. at 9 inches wide, the pad is too big for your dashboard. >> it amounts in the corner of the driver's side and also in the 7-inch lower-right corner. >> now fremont based makes the mound and says it is not for use while the car is in motion. if you do use it, you can be breaking three separate laws and facing hundreds of dollars in fines. and they are looking to install 1,000 parking meters. drivers will not need to carry
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change. the new meters are user friendly because drivers will not have to ussery seats. they hope the -- they hope they will check for available parking and check for space. coming up on 5:00, still no road construction at this point? >> as a matter of fact we are doing well when it comes to the road working. looking at highway 24, that traffic looks good and there are no major problems this morning. if you are driving on westbound 24 getting up to the tunnel. also it looks good if you are driving on the free way. speaking of 880 that is nice looking drive heading south. 4:55 let's go to steve. rather muggy mild to warm and looking for a lot more cloud cover and the system will
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be hitting the northern part of the state with a lost rain, we will have to wait about 24 to 36 hours before it starts sliding south. it will be partly sunny, upper 60s to near 70s, a lot more cloud cover to the north and it is an impressive system. very moist system, has lost moisture on the north coast but the rain will make it to the north bay on friday and it looks like for everybody by saturday. anywhere from 6 to 12 inches maybe the weekend up north eureka. 52 in san francisco, temperatures are pretty close but a little cooler than yesterday, where we had a lot of 54s and 53s. santa clara valley up towards the east bay will be near 70 degrees. there will be a lot more cloud cover and cooler and there will be a muggy feel as well.
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more clouds to the north, temperatures will be near 70 degrees antioch brentwood same for the city. we will go 07 for morgan -- 70 near morgan hill, livermore 68. rain to the north on friday, then it sweeps with wind on saturday, a break monday and it looks like it returns next week, pam. all right, we have breaking news about an airline passenger headed to san francisco. the material found inside the man's backpack that led to his arrest. 10 people were arrested overnight after a disruption. the pictures you will only see here on ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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. parents protest an open school board meeting, we will tell you why and show you exclusive video of some folks getting arrested. oakland police are investigating three separate shootings, one of them


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